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Rendville Screenings Announced

Over the next few months I will be bringing my latest film, Rendville: Across the Color Line to three communities across the Little Cities of the Black Diamonds.

First will be a screening at the Athens Public Library, August 23rd, at 7:00pm. The Library says, “Community discussion with film producer Burr Beard to follow. Our discussion on this Perry County coal community will also welcome thoughts and stories about nearby historic Athens County communities that included African Americans, along with how Athens County can more fully support its African American citizens today.”

Next I am honored to show the film at the 2018 Rendville Emancipation Day on September 22nd. Rendville was formed as a town shortly after the end of the Civil War, and has long celebrated Emanicipation Day on September 22nd. The film will screen three times during this afternoon.

Finally the film will be shown at the Chester Hill Multicultural Geneological Center for the group’s monthly meeting on October 6th at 1:00pm.

As satisfying as researching and developing a documentary story, is showing the film to people in the communities touched by the content of the film. Talking with these people is like the pleasure of editing new interviews into the film each time.

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