Burr Beard

Musician, Promoter, Researcher, Film-maker, at Ohio University. Beard resides with Julie Wagaman Beard, in Athens, Ohio


Beard has been playing hammer dulcimer since 1975 both solo and with bands like Pittsburgh based Devilish Merry.


Concert Promotion

Recent concert promotion includes Southeast Ohio History Center's Soul and Spirits series, and a house concert with Hoot and Holler, and a jazz concert with the Joseph Daley Tuba Trio at Athens Uncorked.

Research and Archiving

Helen Horn: The Other Half Speaks: Reminiscences of Coal Town Women

I had the pleasure of working with the late Helen Horn on her transcripts and materials from a valiant effort of her work in the 1980’s to collect oral histories of woman of the Southeast Ohio coal towns, entitled The Other Half Speaks: Reminiscences of the Coal Town Women, 1900-1950 Athens County, Ohio.

Helen Horn entrusted me to organize the typewritten files of these oral histories and granted permission to have the files archived in both the Southeast Ohio History Center and the Robert E. and Jean R. Mahn Center for Archives and Special Collections at Ohio University. She signed the Deed of Gift for both archival units in Athens, and I am proud to say that the transcripts of the coal town women are now archived at both spaces.
The Department of Media Arts and Studies at Ohio University posted this article on how I used the material archived.

Documentary Film Director

Millfield Mine Disaster 1930

Produced in 2017, Millfield uses a rarely seen 5 minute piece of 16mm film shot by an Ohio University official on the day of the disaster, housed in the Mahn Center for Archives and Special Collections, Ohio University.

MIllfield was selected for screenings at two film festivals...

Millfiled Mine Disaster 1930

Rendville: Across the Color Line

The documentary (2018) looks at the racially integrated mining town of Rendville, in southern Perry County, Ohio, whose founder welcomed African American and white immigrants from some seven European countries based on their abilities to endure the work of late 19th Century coal-mining.